mandag den 14. maj 2012

My day

Finally I got the strength to write again. I´m gonna write the words I have been avoided, and not wanted to face. The words that says my life of being a part of Canada is going to end in 1,5 month..
To be an exchange student is a choise for lifetime, you will always have something missing inside you, cause your family and friends are all over the world. But the experience and the chance to see how beautiful the world is, and how small it actually is, is amazing. Its something you will live with as a memory for the rest of your life. Maybe one day your daughter is going to visit your mom or sister in the foreign country. I´m the daughter. I saw where my mom lived, I saw her moms kindness, and I saw my mom in all that. In few days I will see a part of my dad, something he have learned of.
One of the most important things I have learned is, that wherever you go, you will find love because we are all humans.

Im very lucky. Dont ever forget to live, whatever makes you happy, its so important.