onsdag den 28. marts 2012

My wednesday

I decided today that this was the day I was gonna write again. I didn´t write for over a month, of all kinds of reasons you can think of. My head was one big mess, and I couldn´t find the words in all my messy mess. I don´t think my messy head is any better, but I got inspired, and felt like writing about it. I started to do something I love so much, be creative! I read a blog called Hello Sandwich, and it´s AMAZING! It was my very sweet friend Neenee who showed me. And we got the idea to make stamps out of erasers. So I bought theese really big erasers, (for the big mistake) I cut them in the size I want, draw a sketch and cut it. I use it for making cards, and I will use it for my project of the year in school too, my scrapbook. I made some examples, and they turned out quit well.
On the cards I also used tape, from cutetape.com.