søndag den 3. juni 2012

The circel in life

Yesterday I did something I will never forget.. At 10 o'clock in the evening, my hostmom and I go to a place where people from Saint-Georges, Beauceville and other places come to do something good. We walked for cancer. People who has or had cancer, and the people we´ve lost because of cancer. The walk started around 18:00 saturday, and keept on going to 07:00 in the morning. The weather was so bad, it was raining so much, but people didn´t care. They just had to do this.
We walked in a circle, and along the way that was made, was theese beautiful lanterns, with a note on. Some were a touching message, for the lost dad, child or friend, and others was a message to the people who have cancer to fight, or a heart to show that you care.

I have never never seen anything like this, it was very touching, and I´m proud to have been a part of it. Cause it´s an event for a good case, and I think it´s a place where hearts meet.

mandag den 14. maj 2012

My day

Finally I got the strength to write again. I´m gonna write the words I have been avoided, and not wanted to face. The words that says my life of being a part of Canada is going to end in 1,5 month..
To be an exchange student is a choise for lifetime, you will always have something missing inside you, cause your family and friends are all over the world. But the experience and the chance to see how beautiful the world is, and how small it actually is, is amazing. Its something you will live with as a memory for the rest of your life. Maybe one day your daughter is going to visit your mom or sister in the foreign country. I´m the daughter. I saw where my mom lived, I saw her moms kindness, and I saw my mom in all that. In few days I will see a part of my dad, something he have learned of.
One of the most important things I have learned is, that wherever you go, you will find love because we are all humans.

Im very lucky. Dont ever forget to live, whatever makes you happy, its so important.

onsdag den 28. marts 2012

My wednesday

I decided today that this was the day I was gonna write again. I didn´t write for over a month, of all kinds of reasons you can think of. My head was one big mess, and I couldn´t find the words in all my messy mess. I don´t think my messy head is any better, but I got inspired, and felt like writing about it. I started to do something I love so much, be creative! I read a blog called Hello Sandwich, and it´s AMAZING! It was my very sweet friend Neenee who showed me. And we got the idea to make stamps out of erasers. So I bought theese really big erasers, (for the big mistake) I cut them in the size I want, draw a sketch and cut it. I use it for making cards, and I will use it for my project of the year in school too, my scrapbook. I made some examples, and they turned out quit well.
On the cards I also used tape, from cutetape.com.

onsdag den 22. februar 2012


I didn´t know how to write something after I wrote For Molly. Nothing seemed good enough, or okay. And I couldn´t find the words for something appropriate. I talked to my dad. And he said nothing seems appropriate after a topic like that. It´s a life. And he also said that´s just the way life is. Life goes on, and we have to move on at one point. We have to smile, laugh, love and live again. Otherwise our soul will die. Even though, that at one point, we can´t see joy and smiles in life. We don´t understand why everybody smiles when we´re so miserable. And nothing seems fair.

But the fact that we move on, dosen´t mean we forgot about the pass. We just accepted it, and learned how to live with it.

onsdag den 15. februar 2012

For Molly

I don´t know how to write this, I don´t even know how to say it.
I just heard a friend, a beautiful girl say the words "I can´t bare the thought about seeing everyone with their fathers, but mine may not be there". Her dad has cancer. And today she told me that the treatment is not working. I can´t imagine how hard it must be. It´s her dad, her father, son pére. She always have the hope that he will be cured. And she always has a smile on her face. But that smile isn´t the same as before anymore now. But I´m sure she will smile again. Live again, and have a long, happy and beautiful life. And her dad will always be in her heart.
I didn´t see my dad for 6 months, and I would really like to give him a hug right now, cause you never know when it´s too late. But don´t fear either. If you always think "what if", you won´t live the moment. And maybe that moment is the last.

I sent all my thoughts to Molly and her family, and pray for a miracle.

After I wrote this, I talked to Molly. She said there is an last option, with a hope for her dad´s life in her eyes. And she also said "c'est la vie" that´s life. I think she´s the bravest girl in the world.

tirsdag den 14. februar 2012


I wish I could write a lovely blog about valentine, and tell you it´s a day, even when youre single, to celebrate love. But to be honest I think that´s to cliché, and to be even more honest, I hate this day. So far I´ve always been single at valentines. And so far I´ve spent all my valentines in my bed, with some "bland-selv-slik" and sex and the city. But this year is different, or.... not really. Well here in Canada and Québec, it´s a way bigger deal than it is in Denmark. People got roses, chockolade and cards at school today. If you have a girlfriend here, you don´t even consider not given her something, it´s just a part of the game. The school was decorated with hearts and shiny paper when I stepped in this morning, just through it in my face! Everyone was dressed in red, or wore red lipstick.... jesus. I just wanted to go home and have a nice time with Carrie Bradshaw.

 But I was so lucky that my very good friend had bought me a rose. And it made me think. Maybe it isn´t just a day for couple, but a day for friendship and family too. Because that´s the love you will never loose. That´s the love that stays. And when I came home, I opened a present from my family, and from my very bedst friend in Denmark. And both was made with love. So maybe that´s the real love, the love we sometimes should focus more on. Well, I did today. And then I spent my valentine as I´m suppose to. Like I always do. With dansk candy, bland-selv-slik of course, and Nynne as my mom sendt me. It´s classy. It´s Emilie. It´s me.

mandag den 13. februar 2012

Lovely breakfast

Have a nice and reeeeeally cold monday!