tirsdag den 14. februar 2012


I wish I could write a lovely blog about valentine, and tell you it´s a day, even when youre single, to celebrate love. But to be honest I think that´s to cliché, and to be even more honest, I hate this day. So far I´ve always been single at valentines. And so far I´ve spent all my valentines in my bed, with some "bland-selv-slik" and sex and the city. But this year is different, or.... not really. Well here in Canada and Québec, it´s a way bigger deal than it is in Denmark. People got roses, chockolade and cards at school today. If you have a girlfriend here, you don´t even consider not given her something, it´s just a part of the game. The school was decorated with hearts and shiny paper when I stepped in this morning, just through it in my face! Everyone was dressed in red, or wore red lipstick.... jesus. I just wanted to go home and have a nice time with Carrie Bradshaw.

 But I was so lucky that my very good friend had bought me a rose. And it made me think. Maybe it isn´t just a day for couple, but a day for friendship and family too. Because that´s the love you will never loose. That´s the love that stays. And when I came home, I opened a present from my family, and from my very bedst friend in Denmark. And both was made with love. So maybe that´s the real love, the love we sometimes should focus more on. Well, I did today. And then I spent my valentine as I´m suppose to. Like I always do. With dansk candy, bland-selv-slik of course, and Nynne as my mom sendt me. It´s classy. It´s Emilie. It´s me.

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