fredag den 10. februar 2012


I just saw an amazing movie made in Itali. I can definitely recommend it if youre as great an hopeless romantic as I am. It´s called "Letters to Juliet". It made me think of things I´ve learned here in the french Québec. I´ve learned to appriciate and recognize tasty and lovely wine. Enjoy the tast of an filet mignon cooked reed/raw, filled with the meats sauce, that makes it tasty. The soft feeling of putting a peace of cheese on a baget in my mouth. And with some fresh grapes and wine, this is actually beautiful. But you have to choose the right cheese, and wine. That´s really important!
  It also made me think of life, my life. And love, oh sweet love. And I thought about something.
A word is a word until it´s not, a promise is a promise until it´s not, love is love until it´s not. I hate and adore theese three sentence. Because they hurt as hell - but when you get out on the other side, youre much stronger and wiser than before. And you know that is was love you had, so don´t through it a way, but keep it as a memory.

Now all I wanna do is go to Italia. Listen to Italiano, and watch their body language. When I first came here, I could say "bonjour, je m'appelle Émilie, je dix-sept ans" and the most important when youre a stranger in a new country "merci". So the body language was how I could see if someone was happy, sad, angry or in love. It´s the funny think about love, you can´t hide it. Maybe you can try to hide it from yourself, but not from anybody else.

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