onsdag den 1. februar 2012


I have now been sick since saturday... and it´s killing me! It hurts in every corner of my body. I have absolute no energy at ALL. And I´m getting insane, just lying in my bed all day...
I always think it would be so nice if there wasn´t sickness and diseases. But on the other hand, I actually think its a good thing. You realise all the things you can do when you´re not sick. And you appriciate it. It´s so important to stop up some times and appreciate what you have. Otherwise you take if for granted. You take life for granted.

Normally when I´m sick I always call my grandma. And we talk about all and everything. I have just learned to appriciate my grandma. I sent her an e-mail, saying I´m sick, what I´m doing in the weekend and how I am. But its just not the same. I want to hear her voice. Maybe that´s what I want when I´m alone lying in my bed sick. Just hearing the voice of my grandma helps me feel better.

But a day in bed, even when I´m really sick, is also a chance for my soul to recover. I have time to talk to my family and friends. Normally I don´t have to much time to talk to them, if I´m doing something in the weekend. And when there´s thousands of miles between you and your heart, you have to stop up, and fill it with the love from home. I indeed love and enjoy my life here, but I couldn´t do it without knowing my family and my friends are still there. For me it´s a quality to have a day, even though I´m really sick, to have some time to talk to everyone who´s in my heart every single day.
A little something to recover

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